The Best Prices on Group Airfare

Our name says it all! Best Group Airfares is an airfare consolidator that has the ability to negotiate group fares at discounted prices that are not available to the public.

For years Best Group Airfares' experts have provided discounted airfares for tour operators, sport management companies, professional and amateur teams, as well as corporate and religious groups.

Sports Teams

If you are taking your team, players, or club out of town for a game, tournament, training camp, retreat or any other event, you need a travel specialist! Best Group Airfares is the right company for the job.

We understand that It is important to keep your team's travel costs low and save every dollar you can. Across the state or across the globe, let us handle your travel needs and you will save time, money, and stress!

Whether your groups needs are simple or complex, you will be in good hands.

Types of sport groups we handle:

  • Professional Sports
  • Collegiate Athletics
  • Leagues & Associations
  • Amateur Organizations
  • Boosters & Fan Clubs

Religious Groups

Best Group Airfares understands how much work is involved in arranging a mission trip and how important keeping travel costs low and saving every dollar is for your group. Whether you're going across the country or across the globe, having a mission travel expert arrange your group's travel needs will save you time, money, and stress!

We are experts at arranging mission trip and Christian group travel to both domestic and international locations worldwide.

Types of religious groups we handle:

  • Youth Ministries
  • Mission Programs
  • Church and Mission Agencies
  • Foundations and Non-Profits
  • Schools, and Seminaries
  • Secular Social Service Agencies
  • Humanitarian Relief Organizations

Tour Operators

We understand that your client needs to pay the least possible on airfare in order for you to sell your land package. That is why we offer you our bulk negotiated fares. Your clients will not find best price anywhere else and if they do we will match it!

Contact us and ask about our free customized airfare call center service where we can assist your clients directly, personalizing the service as if we were part of your company.

Check out this video of our partners, SASS (South America Snow Sessions), during the first session this year.

"Summer can be a trying time in the life of a snow enthusiast. The total lack of winter in the United States can leave you yearning for that feeling of true powder lightly drifting across your face and into tranquility."

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